Sunday, April 29, 2012

Todd Connected

Here it is Sunday morning and we had 3 days with 3 great hunts and all caught on camera.  We have been hunting hard and it was time for Todd to connect with a good bird.  We first started out at the same food plot as we did yesterday but hoping for better luck and to also see some more birds.  Its a secluded little food plot that Todd put in last year, after clearing out some tall trees and rota tilling some of the ground to get a better soil foundation for the seed he was planting.  The food plot has turned out to be a very good spot, not just for deer like he had planned but also for those turkeys we were chasing at this time of year.  Well we had our last of the Bullheads on the Victory arrow and unfortunately we are now 0-4 with 4 busted blades on those arrows.

We stopped in at Todd's house for a quick breakfast that his awesome wife quickly put together and then we were off singing and flinging.  We had a couple farms that we had permission to hunt and it was Todd's decision to go back to the same farm that his dad shot a nice bird just a couple days prior.

We set up over looking a hay field just on the edge where a two track was connected to the field going back to some timber.  We put out 2 decoys, one was a hen and the other was the Thunder Chicken with a full mature fan.  We set those up just in the field edge like they were just coming out of the timber down the two track and just entering the field. We made a couple calls and right away a bird gobbled about 250 yards all the way across the open hay field up on top of the ridge line across from us.  We were tucked into the Double Bull Blind trying to situate the cameras and making sure we were on the same page when this all goes down.

The Tom entered the field on the east side and we were on the west side.  We set up the blind behind some big trees to stop the sun from coming in the window and showing our movements or our white faces.  After getting everything the way we wanted we noticed more birds came down from the ridge top across from us and were making their way over to our setup.

I had been filming the big bird for quite some time as I could see him from the moment he came into the field.  After about 40 minutes the bird was within bow range and coming closer.   The turkey was a mature bird and was coming all the way in looking to fight our decoy when Todd released the arrow and struck the bird at about 10 yards.  The bird did not now what hit him and again the Bloodrunner and Mathews combination did its job and took down the mature Tom within 20 yards.

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and God was shining down on us and blessed us with this fully mature Tom with 1 1/4 inch thick spurs and a 9 inch beard to go with it.  He was definitely an old wise bird that finally met his match.


     April 29,

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