Saturday, May 5, 2012

Allison woke up to go hunting

Cinco De Mayo and we're in the turkey blind.  We borrowed a cross bow from a friend of mine and Allison is trying to shoot her first turkey.  She has been deer hunting and has shot a doe several years ago.  After two kids and no time she has not shot her bow in a couple years.  That's why we elected to use the cross bow instead.  I am totally pumped and hope she can experience the same thrill of a Tom coming in and have a chance for a shot. 

We were blessed to have one of the grandma's come to the house early this morning (5:15) to stay with the kids and take over our daily duties of being a parent so we can have a little turkey fun.  Seems to be a nice morning and we hope to have some more blogging action coming your way.  Stay tuned to see if Allison can git r done.

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