Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jim's on the Board

After a nice quick hunt with Dave on Friday midday it was Jim's turn on Saturday morning and we were still looking to chop a head off with our new Magnus Bullhead.  It was a nice overcast day and very quiet with minimal wind.  We were again going to go to our trusty food plot behind Todd's house where we have pictures of some giant toms strutting and showcasing for all those hens.

The morning started off just as planned as the gobblers made there way from the roost and into the food plot.  We were trying to get a gobbler to stop in front of our GoPro that we had set up 20 yards in front of our Double Bull Blind.  We got what we wanted and it was my turn to make it happen.  The big strutter stopped just to the right of the GoPro and was doing circles around and around not giving me a clear clean shot at his head.  I was at full draw for just over a minute when I told Todd to "get on the other bird."  With his neck stretched out and a perfect shot opportunity with the Magnus Bullhead,  I settled the pin and......... missed.  Just shot right of him and the bird took off just to the west edge of the food plot.  

I was reaching for another arrow when I heard Todd say "use the other broadhead."  So I grabbed the arrow that had the 2 blade Bloodrunner on it and loaded up the Mathews bow for hopefully another chance at the same bird.  Todd said quietly "I'm on him."  I pulled back the string tight to my cheek and settled the pin between the wing butts of the turkey who stood at an estimated 30 yards facing straight away from us.  Thwack the arrow hit perfect and the bird ran about 15 yards before falling on camera.  

During the interview on camera talking about how it all went down we realized that the first shot with the Bullhead hit the green strap on the Double Bull Blind and put about a 1/4 inch slit in the strap.  So far we are 0-3 with the BullHead but we will give it another try.  All in all it was a great hunt and another bird down in the state of Michigan.

              April 28 

I want to thank my camera man and hunting partner for allowing me to take the first bird off his food plot.  He was gracious enough to hand me the bow after he missed on 2 opportunities at 2 good birds.  I can only hope I can return the favor and get him a shot at a good bird with about a week to go in the first season. 

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