Saturday, November 26, 2011

Excited for Iowa

We are about 5 days away from heading to Iowa for our last trip of the year.  Iowa's shotgun season opens on December 3rd for our second season of action.  We will be leaving on Thursday December 1st around 9:00pm after work and make a 9 hour drive so we can get to our ground and scout and hang some stands on Friday.  We will try and glass some open fields and food plots at day break to see if we can capture any deer on film for a little preview of what is to come.  Jim is up to bat on this years 2011 Iowa hunt and he is excited to get a gun in his hands to see if he can put the hammer down on a Iowa giant.  With a little more luck and another piece of property to hunt, we are more educated on the lay of the land and how deer movement is in our area.  On a side not the farmer called Todd about a week ago and said he seen 2 big bucks, one behind his house and the other around the same spot Todd killed his in last season.

For last seasons 2010 action of Todd's Iowa kill scroll down below and check out the hunt for yourself.

Todd's 2010 Iowa Shotgun Hunt

Prime Hunting brings you Todd's 2010 Iowa Shotgun hunt.
A successful trip for our first time to Iowa.  It wasn't the biggest buck we saw while we were in Iowa but we were 2 happy hunters to get are first crack at a buck and on film for our first ever shotgun hunt out of state.  We have bagged are share of big bucks with a bow in Illinois, Ohio and are home state of Michigan, but it was just as fun to explore a new state with a bang bow in our hands.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

2nd camera angle of Todd's hunt

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Not only were we blessed to capture two good hunts on film on our trip to Illinois but we actually got Todd's whole hunt caught on film from a second camera angle. We use two cameras, the first is our main camera which captures the hunt as it takes place with the animal being the main focus with our Sony AX2000. Our second camera we use is either the Cannon Vixia or a Gopro HD Hero which is used to capture what the hunter is doing and the shot. This particular footage is from the Gopro and it has a wide angle lens and it not only captured the hunter drawing his bow, but it has the deer coming in from the left and also has the impact shot at 43 yards. I thought this was pretty cool and I thought I would share it with the Prime Hunting family.

Todd's shot on his buck

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Friday, November 11, 2011

A little slow

The last couple days have been a little slow with deer movement. We still have been seeing bucks, just not the ones were after. It might have something to do with the rain and high winds or even the full moon at night. We do have a bright side with one farm and the big bucks on the trail cameras. We will be sitting there the next day and a half because we have the correct winds and its a tight pinch point. Were down to the wire and looking to connect before we get back to the real world. Thanks again to our wives for doing all the work at home while were out chasing one last buck. Let's hope and pray for one last shot.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Full moon

The weather has finally broke and we have crystal clear skies. The moon is full and were expecting 30 degree weather and a northwest wind. Perfect for Todd to hunt the corner pinch where I killed my buck a couple days ago. Were hoping for a shooter buck to come within bow range. As for tonight we had a shooter about 50 yards behind us just out of range. My prediction is tomorrow morning it will happen.
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Rainy day blues

The last 2 mornings Todd and I slept in a bit longer than are normal 4:30am because of heavy rain, thunder and strong winds.  On Tuesday we scouted a new spot and set a couple more cameras out to try and learn a little more about on how the deer travel .  During the evening hunt Todd dropped me off to hang a couple tree stands and went back to park the truck so it was not in any deer's view.  I just got the lone wolf stand set and was pulling up the other one and out jumped a 130 class 8 point.  Todd was walking from the truck and was probably only 100 yards out when i waved at him to stop and get down.  The buck walked directly in front of our wildgame trail camera and posed like he possing for the camera.  Can't wait to see what he looks like up close.  I did take out my phone and took a little video of him because the cameras were on the ground.  We still have been hunting hard in the rain but also getting a wet behind at the same time.  Luckily were staying at a great family farm just up the road that let us wash and dry our hunting clothes.  Were chasing a buck we named the Super 8 and got our closest glimpse of him this morning at about 80 yards out working down a deep ravine.  Todd has 2 tags left, a buck tag and a doe tag so stay tuned to see what the next couple of days will bring.  The front should be passing and a high pressure system should get everything up on their feet and moving.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Video update

Live look at buck shot on November 7th.
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Illinois 10 point

Here is a picture of the buck I shot this morning. He fell within 30 yards of the shot down at the bottom of the deepest ravine. We had great footage of the hunt and look forward to sharing with all of you. Todd is up to bat and it is officially Prime Hunting here in Southern Illinois.
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Deer down

November 7th and the conditions were just right. I told Todd at 9 o'clock the movement will start. Boy was I right. A nice 8 point came in to a sequence of grunts, bleats and a little rattling. Had to pass even know I was itching to pull the trigger. I turned to Todd and said I just cound not do it. Not 5 minutes went bye and the bigger buck I saw first, was also cruising and looking for does came in and offered me about a 24 yard shot. I center punched him and he was down within 30 yards. We think he is a 10 point. We will get pics up as soon as we can.
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Saturday, November 5, 2011


We are back in the famous green field and using are secret weapon Mrs. November. Last year in the same field Todd had a run in with a 9 point that was close to 140 inches that got away but came all the way in and put his nose to her hind end and bolted off and he never stopped to get a shot. Were going to try it again this year in just a little different set up. Hope to show you some good pics of the bucks we have seen here in the past. Stay tuned the rut is just starting to show good activity.
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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Chase Continues

Here we go again. The rut is near and we are on the fast track down to the land of the giants. Illinois bound. We left around 6:00 am to get in a tree for this evenings hunt. We will be hunting hard for the next 10 days and were praying we hit it just right and get an opportunity to harvest a good buck on film. We again want to give a great big thank you to our wives for giving us the chance to pursue our passion of filming and hunting these magical creatures. Also want to say thank you to our family and friends for stepping up and helping with the kids as we are away on this whitetail chase. Keep a close eye on the blog as the action heats up and the stories unfold.
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Sweet November

The calendar has officially flipped to our favorite time of the year, sweet November. We have not been out in the woods since our last trip to Illinois. We are scheduled to go back down for a 10 day trip starting Friday the 4th. With everything set down there and the weather in our favor we are hoping for a successful trip. This picture is of a small buck in my backyard at 10:00am on Nov 1st. Hope this is a good indication of how good the November rut will be. Good luck to all. It is Prime Hunting season for those mature whitetails. Happy Sweet November.
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