Friday, December 9, 2011

The one that did not get away.

A quick look at the buck I shot in Iowa after I missed a more mature buck about 45 minutes earlier.  All in all it was a good hunt and my first ever harvest with a shotgun.  Keep checking in on the blog as I will put this hunt and all our other hunts online so you can enjoy them as much as we like producing them.   

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The one that got away.

Just a quick video of the buck I missed in Iowa.  Looking at the video he has a goofy left side on his rack but still would have loved to put my tag on that old brute.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wild Oh Coyote

Last morning in Iowa was another frigid cold sit.  We seen some deer but nothing we were tempted at.  Before we left I took a walk around a newer piece of property trying to learn how it lays and scouting it for next years season.  I jumped a few deer and snuck up on this coyote who was walking thru the thicket at a slow pace trying to be as sneaky as I was.  I knelt down to get the gun up to my shoulder and found him in my scope. I found him and then settled the cross hairs in the middle of his body, he then walked directly on a straight path down my gun barrel.  I shot him at about 50 yards and the old Remington 870 super slug dropped him dead in his tracks.  We had a lot of fun and enjoy every chance we can hunting in different places in our great country.  We appreciate all what our families and friends put up with while we are gone and know we can't pursue our passion without you. So thanks to each and everyone that has helped out in our pursuit. 

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Iowa buck down

Deer down in Iowa.  I shot a nice 8 point buck about 45 minutes after I missed the giant 8 point in the beans except this time a whole lot closer.  I was disappointed that we did not connect on the giant buck and i was also feeling less confident about shooting a shotgun at these whitetail because I usually don't use anything but my bow.  This buck followed 2 young does across the narrow strip of beans coming from the southwest and heading directly in front of our view in the Double Bull.  I was still frustrated with the last opportunity I had and with this nice 8 point walking closer and closer I just could not resist the temptation of redeeming myself.  To be able to harvest your first ever shotgun kill and to do it on film is just simply awesome.  Even know it was not the giant one we were after it was a nice respectable buck that I'm proud to take.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh so close

It was a nice day to be in the deer woods after a long wet day on Saturday.  We saw over 30 deer in the morning and almost shot a 130 class 8 point but it got behind the tree where I had to shoot past Todd but did not feel like it was the safest thing to do.  In the evening we sat on a bean field that still had a small amount of beans left on it, which the deer knew about and were feeding on.  A giant 8 point around 150 inches followed 3 does to the opposite end of the bean field that we were sitting on.  He fed at 160 yards and I was able to get a steady shot off but missed high and right.  I fired 2 more shots as he was running behind the blind but those were more like frustration shots that were not even close.  I was close yet so far away. It was all caught on film but not the ending we were hoping for. 

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Double Bull crazy

The rain stopped just long enough to grab the Double Bull Blind out from the car and move it to a location where we seen a giant late last night.  We are set up on a small bean field that did not grow all that good but good enough for the deer to visit and eat.  The farmer either could not get to this part of the field or it was a waste of time to pick.  Either way hopefully it will help us out and get us a crack at an Iowa giant.  The rain picked up again only a few minutes after we were set up.  It has turned into a steady rain and we can only hope the blind does not leak.  We have seen just 1 deer and it was on the walk back to get the blind from the car.   We have been in the field ever since it broke light this morning so it is not a lack of effort but a case of bad weather which is keeping the deer movement to a minimum.  We have heard quit a few shots around the neighboring sections but it seems they are pushing the deer out from small wood lots with a group of hunters which is normal for Iowa hunter to do because their gun season is so short.  Prime Hunting is about an hour away so stay tuned for more.

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Opening day in Iowa

Were sitting in a box blind that was built on the property were hunting and it is elevated about 15 feet off the ground.  The only reason were in this tower is because it has been raining all night long and it is supposed to continue all throughout the day.  It's keeping us dry and all our equipment, especially the cameras.  It is not the perfect weather to be hunting in but the temperature seems to be dropping and it could turn to snow.  Were just gonna sit back and see what the morning brings us.  We will keep you updated as the hunt continues thru the day and the week.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Temps are dropping

It's close to 4:00am and we are about 15 minutes away from our destination.  Temperatures are dropping fast and were anxious to glass a couple food sources on and around the property were hunting.  We do have a little dusting of snow on the ground as were finishing are last leg of the drive.  We will try and catch a nap in the blazer and wait patiently until it breaks light and hopefully catch a few deer on their feet with our Nikon's.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Chase is on in December

Todd and I are on the road again and heading west to Iowa.  We left around 8:30pm and the gps has us arriving at 3:30 if all goes well.  Were excited to give one last effort at a giant whitetail and in the land of the giants.   Were driving Jims blazer and were cramped to the max.  No room to put anything else in the vehicle so it looks like were going to do some window shopping past Bass Pro and Cabelas.  Keep checking back for more Iowa updates.

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