Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Turkey Hit List

The hit list is set and were patiently waiting for the opener of turkey season.  Just a few more days away.  It opens on Monday, April 23

Todd raked of his food plot that he planted last fall and the birds like to come in and strut looking for hens after a long night nestled high in a tree.  We put out the camera to get a few photos of the birds he has been seeing to get a closer look.  To us they look like mature birds and definetly shooters.  We will be in the blind Monday dark and early with high anticipation.   It will be a long couple of days before the opener but in the mean time we will scout a few more locations and enjoy a birthday party on the side.  Todd's daughter Tana turned 4 years old today (April 17) but they will throw a little party on Saturday before the opener.  So we have birds to find and cake to eat.  

Happy Birthday to Tana and Happy Hunting to all.  

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