Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wild Oh Coyote

Last morning in Iowa was another frigid cold sit.  We seen some deer but nothing we were tempted at.  Before we left I took a walk around a newer piece of property trying to learn how it lays and scouting it for next years season.  I jumped a few deer and snuck up on this coyote who was walking thru the thicket at a slow pace trying to be as sneaky as I was.  I knelt down to get the gun up to my shoulder and found him in my scope. I found him and then settled the cross hairs in the middle of his body, he then walked directly on a straight path down my gun barrel.  I shot him at about 50 yards and the old Remington 870 super slug dropped him dead in his tracks.  We had a lot of fun and enjoy every chance we can hunting in different places in our great country.  We appreciate all what our families and friends put up with while we are gone and know we can't pursue our passion without you. So thanks to each and everyone that has helped out in our pursuit. 

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