Saturday, December 3, 2011

Double Bull crazy

The rain stopped just long enough to grab the Double Bull Blind out from the car and move it to a location where we seen a giant late last night.  We are set up on a small bean field that did not grow all that good but good enough for the deer to visit and eat.  The farmer either could not get to this part of the field or it was a waste of time to pick.  Either way hopefully it will help us out and get us a crack at an Iowa giant.  The rain picked up again only a few minutes after we were set up.  It has turned into a steady rain and we can only hope the blind does not leak.  We have seen just 1 deer and it was on the walk back to get the blind from the car.   We have been in the field ever since it broke light this morning so it is not a lack of effort but a case of bad weather which is keeping the deer movement to a minimum.  We have heard quit a few shots around the neighboring sections but it seems they are pushing the deer out from small wood lots with a group of hunters which is normal for Iowa hunter to do because their gun season is so short.  Prime Hunting is about an hour away so stay tuned for more.

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