Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Iowa buck down

Deer down in Iowa.  I shot a nice 8 point buck about 45 minutes after I missed the giant 8 point in the beans except this time a whole lot closer.  I was disappointed that we did not connect on the giant buck and i was also feeling less confident about shooting a shotgun at these whitetail because I usually don't use anything but my bow.  This buck followed 2 young does across the narrow strip of beans coming from the southwest and heading directly in front of our view in the Double Bull.  I was still frustrated with the last opportunity I had and with this nice 8 point walking closer and closer I just could not resist the temptation of redeeming myself.  To be able to harvest your first ever shotgun kill and to do it on film is just simply awesome.  Even know it was not the giant one we were after it was a nice respectable buck that I'm proud to take.

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