Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh so close

It was a nice day to be in the deer woods after a long wet day on Saturday.  We saw over 30 deer in the morning and almost shot a 130 class 8 point but it got behind the tree where I had to shoot past Todd but did not feel like it was the safest thing to do.  In the evening we sat on a bean field that still had a small amount of beans left on it, which the deer knew about and were feeding on.  A giant 8 point around 150 inches followed 3 does to the opposite end of the bean field that we were sitting on.  He fed at 160 yards and I was able to get a steady shot off but missed high and right.  I fired 2 more shots as he was running behind the blind but those were more like frustration shots that were not even close.  I was close yet so far away. It was all caught on film but not the ending we were hoping for. 

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