Saturday, May 5, 2012

A rare find

After a non successful morning with Allison we decided to go out and scout for a few more birds.  We stopped off at a farm where Jim shot his turkey last year.  We were hoping to locate one bird for a possible Sunday hunt which is the last day of the first season on private land.

We were walking back to locate a few birds when we both remembered last year we found some morel mushrooms in this area we were walking through.  So we both changed our game plan and were on a mission for a different kind of hunt.  Both of us walking up and down the south side of the timber with our heads to the ground looking for the rare find of morel mushrooms, hiding in the rarest of places like were looking for gold.  Just about the same spot we found the mushrooms last year Todd said, " We hit the jack pot."

We picked the morels one by one dropping them into one of our green head nets we use to keep the mosquitoes away from our face while turkey hunting.  We found quite a few of them and totally forgot about getting shut out this morning and looking for another turkey for tomorrow. 

It was a different and fun kind of hunt and yet another Prime Hunting location we will keep a secret.

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