Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rainy day blues

The last 2 mornings Todd and I slept in a bit longer than are normal 4:30am because of heavy rain, thunder and strong winds.  On Tuesday we scouted a new spot and set a couple more cameras out to try and learn a little more about on how the deer travel .  During the evening hunt Todd dropped me off to hang a couple tree stands and went back to park the truck so it was not in any deer's view.  I just got the lone wolf stand set and was pulling up the other one and out jumped a 130 class 8 point.  Todd was walking from the truck and was probably only 100 yards out when i waved at him to stop and get down.  The buck walked directly in front of our wildgame trail camera and posed like he possing for the camera.  Can't wait to see what he looks like up close.  I did take out my phone and took a little video of him because the cameras were on the ground.  We still have been hunting hard in the rain but also getting a wet behind at the same time.  Luckily were staying at a great family farm just up the road that let us wash and dry our hunting clothes.  Were chasing a buck we named the Super 8 and got our closest glimpse of him this morning at about 80 yards out working down a deep ravine.  Todd has 2 tags left, a buck tag and a doe tag so stay tuned to see what the next couple of days will bring.  The front should be passing and a high pressure system should get everything up on their feet and moving.

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