Thursday, November 24, 2011

2nd camera angle of Todd's hunt

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Not only were we blessed to capture two good hunts on film on our trip to Illinois but we actually got Todd's whole hunt caught on film from a second camera angle. We use two cameras, the first is our main camera which captures the hunt as it takes place with the animal being the main focus with our Sony AX2000. Our second camera we use is either the Cannon Vixia or a Gopro HD Hero which is used to capture what the hunter is doing and the shot. This particular footage is from the Gopro and it has a wide angle lens and it not only captured the hunter drawing his bow, but it has the deer coming in from the left and also has the impact shot at 43 yards. I thought this was pretty cool and I thought I would share it with the Prime Hunting family.

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