Saturday, November 26, 2011

Excited for Iowa

We are about 5 days away from heading to Iowa for our last trip of the year.  Iowa's shotgun season opens on December 3rd for our second season of action.  We will be leaving on Thursday December 1st around 9:00pm after work and make a 9 hour drive so we can get to our ground and scout and hang some stands on Friday.  We will try and glass some open fields and food plots at day break to see if we can capture any deer on film for a little preview of what is to come.  Jim is up to bat on this years 2011 Iowa hunt and he is excited to get a gun in his hands to see if he can put the hammer down on a Iowa giant.  With a little more luck and another piece of property to hunt, we are more educated on the lay of the land and how deer movement is in our area.  On a side not the farmer called Todd about a week ago and said he seen 2 big bucks, one behind his house and the other around the same spot Todd killed his in last season.

For last seasons 2010 action of Todd's Iowa kill scroll down below and check out the hunt for yourself.

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