Thursday, March 29, 2012

Feels Like Turkey Time

Well with all the warm weather we have had here in Michigan it feels like we should be in a double bull blind chasing those big long beards and eating fresh turkey off the grill.  Unfortunately we are still about a month away from the opener of the 2012 Turkey season.

Having killed a handful of birds with our bow in the past we decided were going to try a broadhead that has been on the market a couple of years named the Bullhead.  Magnus Bullhead with a 3 3/4 inch cutting diameter weighing in at 125 grain total wieght.  Also using full length arrows from Victory Archery.  It was a set that came with 2 arrows and 2 broadheads for a reasonable price of $39.99 from Cabelas.
With all the videos I have seen on the Internet it caught my attention and it looked like a great idea to be able to take a turkey with a bow and not have to put a gaping hole through the middle of the bird and ruin the meat.  I received them in the mail from Cabelas only a few short days later and I was so excited to try them out and see if i could get them to fly.  I used 125 grain field points with the new arrows and they flew straight and hit in the same spot with my 20 yard & 30 yard pin, just like my other arrow set up did.  I was then wondering if the broadhead would do the same.  I used 2 different bows to shoot the new set up with to see if there was any difference in flight.  A Matthews DXT and a Mathews Z7 Extreme Tactical was used in the testing of the new set up.  I got much better results with the DXT with the broadhead being shot, even know they both shot the field tip accurate out to 30 yards.

I then brought the whole set up to Todd's house to prove to Todd and again myself this thing flies straight and accurate so we can have the confidence in taking some birds with it in the near future.  We set up a pillow hanging between 2 trees so that the pillow would swing backwards and give a little so the blades would not be damaged or the arrow would not blow straight through it.  We then drew a small black dot about the size of an egg to simulate a Turkey sized head so we could practice on a small spot.  We started out at 10 yards and both hit the target.  We then went to 20 yards and again both hit smack dab in the middle of the small egg shaped target.  I was in shock that something so big in diameter and traveling so fast could stay on target and as accurate as a field point.  We then moved back to 30 yards and again dead nuts accurate.  So impressed with it we decided to go back to 40 yards.  At 40 yards we were a little low, about 5 inches.  That is because the full arrow set up is a bit heavier then my normal set up and I did not shoot out to 40 yards with a field point prior to that.  Even know we were a touch low the broadhead stayed on course and had no planning at all.  So all I need to do is adjust the pin a little. 

To say that we were impressed with the results is an understatement.  It blew our minds and even got us more excited to be out and enjoy the sounds of those thunderous gobbles early in the morning here in Michigan.  Please follow us and stay updated when it hits that magical day April 23.  We have several hunters this year trying for their first turkey.  We hope to bring you some knockout footage so please check in from time to time as another season will be under way soon.  

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