Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Video from Prime Hunting

Here is a new video we put together to show some of our old hunts along with some newer ones.  This will show you all some of the new advances we have been learning to add to the quality of our videos.  Was able to come up with a logo for Prime Hunting and now use it as a watermark in the videos.  Also learned how to do a true spilt screen using Imovie 09 for better in the moment as it happens viewing.  You may notice as well the new intro to the video which is done in Keynote on the Mac.  

Hope you all like what we have put together.  In the mean time get your bow or gun out and start dialing it in along with all those turkey calls.  Were excited to get back in the woods and lay down some new hunts.  Hopefully we can bring you some new faces this spring with their first turkey and be able to capture it all on film.       

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